Mosquito Cytochrome P450s (CYPs) for insecticide screening

seven recombinant P450s from An. gambiae (CYPs 6M2, 6P2, 6P3, 6P4, 6P5, 9J5) and An. funestus (CYP6P9a) commonly associated with pyrethroid resistance

P450s or CYPs are a large family of enzymes that play a major role in the metabolism of insecticides, which can lead to resistance.

We have developed a diverse panel of recombinant mosquito CYPs that have been implicated in insecticide resistance that can be used for in vitro profiling of:

  • Insecticide metabolism
  • metabolic resistance liabilities
  • pro-insecticide activation
  • mixture combination effects on CYP activity    

We offer a screening service to understand potential CYP-compound interaction liabilities that can aid the development and optimisation of new mosquito control products.


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