Our services

Our services

As a member of the UK GLP compliance monitoring programme, we conduct testing of a range of vector control products.


Evaluation of active ingredients

    • Topical bioassay
    • Tarsal bioassay on glass plates
    • CDC Bottle bioassay
    • WHO tube bioassay 

Evaluation of insecticide-treated bed nets and other treated surfaces

    • WHO cone bioassay 
    • Quality control of bed nets: insecticide quantification, regeneration studies, wash resistance studies

Analytical quantification of insecticides using HPLC

Chemical Treatment of surfaces

    • Potter tower
    • Track sprayer

Evaluation of topical repellents

    • Arm in cage test

Evaluation of volatile compounds

    • Peet Grady Chambers
    • Free flight rooms  

Evaluation of larvicides


Other specialised testing equipment and services:

    • Temperature and Humidity stability cabinets for assessing durability
    • Standard and fluorescent microscopes
    • Molecular facilities for screening insecticide resistance markers
    • Mosquito strain characterisation, including genetically modified strains