WHO tube bioassay

WHO tube bioassays are used to verify and monitor the susceptibility of adult mosquitoes to a standard (discriminating or diagnostic) dose of insecticide that is defined by the WHO. The test involves exposing mosquitoes to a plastic tube lined with an insecticide-impregnated filter paper for a set amount of time that is defined for each insecticide.

Mosquito mortality rates are used to define the resistance status to a specific compound (≥ 98% mortality = susceptible; 90-97% mortality = possible resistance; < 90% mortality = resistant).


Reference: WHO_SOP_Tube_Test


Impregnation of papers in house

The WHO provides filter papers impregnated with diagnostic doses of insecticides and their controls.

LITE has the capacity and expertise of preparing impregnated filter papers in house when different doses or novel active ingredients are required.


Reference: WHO_SOP_Papers