LITE supports the testing of insecticide-based products for commercial and academic partners against a variety of mosquito colonies

What we do:

  • Maintain a range of insecticide susceptible and resistant colonies of mosquitoes of various species
  • Offer a variety of biological assays, and can design and/or implement bespoke assays for evaluating the efficacy and durability of mosquito control products including those destined for public health control programs and those sold over the counter for household and personal protection
  • Offer insecticide quantification services (HPLC-based) and can provide insecticide-treated surfaces
  • Record the behavioural responses of mosquitoes to treated surfaces to inform product development

LITE laboratories and insectary facilities are part of the UK Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliance monitoring programme.

LITE is part of iiDiagnostics, an LSTM subsidiary company, owned and managed by the LSTM group.