Anopheles gambiae - Tiassale

Colony Name

Tiassalé 13


Anopheles gambiae s.l.

Country of Origin

Tiassalé, Côte d-Ivoire

Liverpool Colony established (year)

July 2012


Phenotypic characteristics

Resistance to all classes of public health insecticides

Source of colonisation


From field collections by Edi Constant - CSRS


Selection Procedure


Adults selected with 1hour exposure to 0.05% deltamethrin.


Genotypic characteristics

Fixed for Kdr 995F (1)                        

 Ace-1 (0.15)       

Elevated CYP6M2, CYP6P3, CYP6P4, CYP6Z1.

PBO permethrin synergism: Significant (P < 0.001) increase in mortality (from 56% to 85%)

Profiling Data

24 hour % mortality after 1hour exposure to Discriminating Dose