Our Partners

Our Partners

IVCC is a product development partnership established in 2005, through a $50million grant to the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and is a registered charity in the UK.

IVCC was formed to overcome the barriers to innovation in the development of new insecticides for public health vector control. IVCC has supported the establishment of LITE and we work with many IVCC business partners, evaluating novel insecticides and formulations and advising on products best able to counteract the spread of infection by insecticide resistant vectors.

IVCC is the only Product Development Partnership (PDP) working in vector control.

For more information about IVCC visit the website.


LITE is part of the Department of Vector Biology led by Professor Martin Donnelly.  The Department is world renowned for its research on insecticide resistance in disease vectors and provides technical advice to LITE.  The Department regular establishes new mosquito colonies as part of its collaborative research with partners in countries to identify new insecticide resistance mechanisms. The close links between LITE and the Vector Department help ensure that our colonies reflect the resistance mechanisms evolving in field populations.