WHO Cone Bioassay

Use of the WHO insecticide testing cone on alternative surfaces

Cone bioassays are recommended by WHO to assess the bioefficacy of insecticide treated nets or surfaces treated with insecticide formulations used in indoor residual spraying.  Mosquitoes are introduced in small batches to a cone placed over an insecticide-treated substrate.  Knockdown and mortality are recorded post exposure.

Cone tests can detect irritant or excito-repellent properties of an insecticide and LSTM have developed modifications of the cone bioassay to quantify these effects.  Further details can be provided on request.


Cone Guidance & Related Publications:

This test is based on a WHO Cone guidelines that can be found here.

Allossogbe, M., Gnanguenon, V., Yovogan, B. et al. WHO cone bio-assays of classical and new-generation long-lasting insecticidal nets call for innovative insecticides targeting the knock-down resistance mechanism in Benin. Malar J 16, 77 (2017). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12936-017-1727-x