Anopheles coluzzii - VK7 (2014)

Anopheles coluzzii

Colony Name

VK7 (2014)


Anopheles coluzzii


Country of Origin

Burkina Faso, Valle de Kou                

Liverpool Colony established (year)


Phenotypic characteristics

Resistant to DDT and pyrethroids

Source of colonisation


Burkina Faso, Valle de Kou (field collection)

(Eggs collected by John Morgan in collaboration with Dr Toe Hyacinthe, CNRFP)


Selection Procedure


Adults selected for 2hour exposure with 0.05% deltamethrin


Genotypic characteristics

Fixed for Kdr 995F (1)     

Kdr 1570Y (0.12)  

Rdl 296S (0.3)        

Elevated CYP6M2, CYP6P3, CYP6P4, CYP6Z1, GSTE2   

PBO-Permethrin synergy: No increase in mortality

Profiling Data

24 hour % mortality after 1hour exposure to Discriminating Dose